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December 2012


In recent weeks, consumers and kashrus professionals have noticed an unexpected increase of insects in barley. We are advising that, until further notice, barley be checked prior to use by spreading it out on a white piece of paper or other surface.  Look for insects amongst and in between the grains. Alternatively, barley can be soaked in water for 15-20 minutes and agitated. Let the water settle and check if any worms or insects rise to the top of the water.

Some packages of barley were completely free of insects and others were heavily infested. Certain brands and dates of manufacture seem to be more infested than others.  Due to the fact that infestation generally occurs after the grain is packaged, infestation was found even in containers bearing a reliable kosher logo.  We therefore recommend that during the months of November and December 2012 kosher consumers inspect their barley before using it, as per the following procedure:

Consumers are advised to lightly agitate the barley in a white bowl of water and then let the barley soak for 15-20 minutes. Then check the surface of the water for insects. If none are found, the barley may be used.



Grapple apples are not kosher. Grapple apples are apples that are infused with a grape flavor that is derived from grapes.



Ice Cream Shops:

During the last several months there have been several new ice cream and frozen yogurt stores opening around the country. Some are stand alone stores while others are located in malls.

Many of these locations profess to sell kosher products under the certification of reliable agencies, and even have signs posted to indicate such. Unfortunately, while they may sell certain products that are kosher certified in their original factory sealed containers, most of the actual stores are not certified kosher. These letters only apply to the un-opened ice cream and yogurt that is listed on the letter of certification, and not necessarily to the store itself. Merely asking the store attendant if an item is kosher is not sufficient, as they may not be aware of specific requirements that may affect the kosher status of an item. Also many of the cones, toppings, or any other additives require inspection to determine if they are kosher. Also, items such as cakes and novelty items may be coming in from another outside non-kosher source.

It is recommended to only frequent shops under a reliable kosher supervision.



Infestation is present in all types of grapes. At times the infestation is severe, and at other times the infestation can be to a minor degree. However, there is no correlation between the severity or the infestation, or the lack thereof, to the country of origin or type of grape.

Rabonim have instructed that at this time, there are too many variables and more facts and clarification are needed to enable the Rabonim to come to a Halachic conclusion with set rules and guidelines.

Consequently, for the time being, until there is further clarification and the research on this subject concluded, our Rabonim recommend to wash each and every grape by lightly scrubbing the entire surface (either by hand or with a sponge) under a strong stream of water.

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