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Why Go Kosher?

What is “Kosher” about?
Labelling food as “kosher” is not about blessing the food. Food is “Kosher” if it complies with the dietary laws presented in the Bible, and explained by Jewish tradition. Final authority rests with the Code of Jewish Law and rabbinic responsa.

Kosher Supervision
When the Lehigh Valley Kashrut Commission certifies that food is Kosher, we make three promises to the consumer:

* That the ingredients in the food are fully Kosher;
* That the production machines are only used with Kosher ingredients;
* That meat and milk are never mixed in the course of food production and presentation.

To make these promises we must employ a supervisor who visits the site, as often as is needed, to verify that the three promises are being kept. Some foods must be kept under constant surveillance, due to the ease of confusion with non-Kosher products. Certain leafy vegetables require high scrutiny to ensure that there are no bugs (yes, aphids are not Kosher!) in them. Most foods, though, need be checked less frequently.

Who are our Supervisors?
A supervisor is trained in both Jewish law and the basics of food production, so as to guarantee an understanding of the operation as well as an understanding of Jewish law.
Supervisors are scrupulous regarding the integrity of their relationships with our businesses. Supervisors account for all of their hours by submitting detailed invoices to the Kashrut Commission. Supervisors are contractually bound to adhere to a tight code of conduct which ensures their unbiased independence.
Supervisors are also warm, friendly people; their job requires that they relate well to the business and its employees, although they must be firm regarding the requirements of Jewish law.

Costs of Supervision
So how much is it going to cost me to “Go Kosher?” Not much, but the answer depends on the business. As a non-profit, our sole concern is to be able to pay our supervising personnel and to promote Kashrut, and that is where the supervision fees go.
Supervision includes time spent visiting the facility, as well as time spent converting equipment from non-Kosher use to Kosher use, and time spent researching new ingredients. Add to that the amount we need in order to publicize our clients (You!) and to encourage people to observe a Kosher diet, and that’s the sum of our expense – and that it is also the sum of the expense we pass along to your business.

Why should my business Go Kosher?
The Lehigh Valley Jewish community consists of thousands of Jews, many of whom observe the laws of Kashrut, and this is an untapped market in many ways. Further, our synagogues and our Jewish Day School use Kosher food at various events, and are always looking for local suppliers rather than be forced to bring food in from out of town.
We should also point out that your business may already be Kosher, or nearly so, and just need a little tweaking – why not contact us and find out?

I am interested in Going Kosher. Now what?

Call or email Jonathan Powers (848-207-6426), for more information!